In my opinion, the best way to promote a Webinar Marketing Initiative is with Radical Marketing. Yes, the video is much more convincing than a video that is meant for email. That is not to say that those two methods of marketing can’t work together. They just may not necessarily be the best of their respective fields.

First of all, try to make your sales presentation as compelling as possible. Make sure that the display is slick and clear. Don’t be afraid to pay attention to details. It doesn’t mean that you have to offer 100% of your product, only to make the product look more appealing.

If you are putting your Webinar on YouTube, don’t allow the video to be taken down. Don’t mind them taking your advertisement off the site. Maybe not take them off the site, but force them to market your product anyway. Find a way to get them to a page on your Webinar site where you can make money by monetizing them. Perhaps take some sort of Google AdSense account or go on eBay, both will give you the exposure you need to sell a ton of products.

When it comes to Webinar Lead Generation, don’t even mention your product too much. Many people think that Webinars are a one way to get a product into their face. They think that the product will be part of the presentation and they will just get that product in front of the face of the viewer. If they are honest, a lot of people on the Internet will hear about your product and purchase it.

So what you want to do is not let your product stand out as something people should want to have a sneak peek at. Provide a summary of the product, perhaps a picture or video, and then explain what you are offering. Only bring up your product every 3 minutes or so during the presentation.

Make sure that when you get the heads up from someone about your product, give them an explanation as to why they should buy it. This makes the call from someone a very valuable experience for them. And when you are promoting your product through a Webinar lead generation campaign, you will get to watch this quality lead generation opportunity to play out over again.

You can also use video during your Webinar Lead Generation efforts. Don’t leave the webinar on for too long. Remember, that you aren’t making it about the product, you are making it about yourself and your message.

So make it about you, not the product, and let your message sink in. Mention your reasons for selling and let the product speak for itself.

The Webinar Lead Generation exercise is an important part of your entire marketing plan. Webinar promotions and products work together well, but you want to allow time for the buyer to do the research before making a decision.

The message should always be the same and the sales message always needs to be consistent. Just be honest about what you are offering and let the other person get a better feel for what your product does and what it can do for them. Nothing is worse than coming across as fake or pushy.

Never forget that the purpose of Webinar Lead Generation is to sell. Not everyone is going to want the same thing. Understand that and be flexible.

Don’t forget that Webinar Lead Generation campaigns will help build a relationship between you and your potential buyers. Your prospects will come to trust you and eventually trust your product. They will come to trust the level of professionalism that you have for whatever your business and message are.